How to Write Your Essay

Everyone who is or has attended college has had to write maybe not one, but several Compare/Contrast essays. Here are some easy steps to get you started on your next essay.

There are basically two different kinds of Compare/Contrast essays that college professors accept today.

The first one is a subject by subject essay more commonly known as a block essay. This one takes each subject, and analyzes it completely and separately before moving on the the other subject. This writing style is best when used for shorter essays of less than 800 words. Write my Essay

Let’s use the example of reviewing three different online newspapers. After completing your thesis statement and introductory paragraph you would first review the New York Times thoroughly. This topic would be organized into one or two paragraphs, exhausting it before moving on to the San Francisco Tribune. Lastly, you would review the Wall Street Journal.

Here is an outline of how this essay style would be organized. Essay typer


  • Thesis statement I introductory paragraphs
  • New York Times
  • Overall navigation ease
  • Content rich articles
  • Ad displays
  • SanFrancisco Tribune
  • Overall navigation ease
  • Content rich articles
  • Ad displays
  • Wall Street Journal
  • Overall navigation ease
  • Content rich articles
  • Ad displays
  • Conclusion paragraph and restatement of thesis Who Invented homework

The second essay style is a point-by-point essay in which the essay is formated into points which are then analyzed. This style of essay is more adapted to longer essays, as it is easier to keep better track of your points and write on those.


Again, using the online newpapers write a compare/contrast essay, here is how the outline would look.


  • Introductory paragraph of all subjects with thesis statement
  • Overall navigation ease New York Times
  • Overall navigation ease San Francisco Tribune
  • Overall navigation ease Wall Street Journal
  • Content rich articles NYT
  • Content rich articles SFT
  • Content rich articles WSJ
  • Ad displays NYT
  • Ad displays SFT
  • Ad displays WSJ
  • Concluding paragraph restating thesis


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