The Advantages of Mobile Phones

So what is VOIP Phone Service? VOIP stands for Voice Over Internet Protocol. VOIP is when you use your High Speed internet connection to connect to your phone and get your dial tone. It’s the same internet service you use for your computer. You don’t plug your phone into the wall anymore. There are no landlines being used. You simply plug your phone into a digital box.

We know everything has it pros and cons. The companies you work for, the schools your children attend and even the car you drive. EVERYTHING has pros and cons. So of course phone services have pros and cons. Basically NOTHING is perfect. It’s more so your preference in what you chose and what’s more important to you.

Basically landlines have been around for a long time. Of course from when I was a little girl. That was no other options back then. Even as an adult in my own places I had landlines from one apartment to another. I had to connect disconnect pay to get reconnected and disconnect and so on. You know the drill. Even when I bought my home of course I had a landline.

I even tried switching from one service to another trying to find a good cheap deal paying again to leave one company to join and another and paying to leave and so on. I even had problems with my landline service. I guess it might have been just my area. I was paying over $70.00 a month for a phone I couldn’t even use. It would have this loud noise in the phone. So when people called they could never hear me and I could never hear them. It was a mess. My youngest daughter had even mentioned to me “Mommy give me the $70 a month that you are paying. We can’t use the phone anyway.” She even knew it was a waste.

The phone company would come out and test the lines and try to fix it. That might work for a day or two, but the loud noise would come right back. Then if you don’t have a maintenance service plan with them and they have to come in your house they want to charge you to fix the problem. Who has that kind of money to waste? I DON’T.

So when the opportunity came to try VOIP Phone Service and save money and have the opportunity to help others do the same. It was really a no brainer and why not try it I have tried everything else.

The PROs for me was the following:

– Cheaper phone bill – I saved over 50% on my phone bill instantly. Every month my bill is around the same.

– Services like Call Waiting, Three Way Calling, Call Forwarding and Voice Mail and many more all are standard features and NO extra charges. verizon voip

– Unlimited local and long distance calling in the U.S., Canada, U.S. Virgin Islands, and Puerto Rico.

– FREE unlimited landline calls to 75 calling areas including the United Kingdom, Ireland, Italy, Spain, France, Portugal, Australia, South Korea, China and more!

Now this last PRO I really think is great.

– Portable Digital Home Phone Service – With VOIP Phone Service you can take that digital box anywhere in the world and get a dial tone. You simply connect the internet service and a phone into the digital box and get your dial tone. Wherever there is internet service you can connect to it and use your home phone number. So the charges won’t change and the bill will be the same.

Now for people who move from one place to another on a regular basis this will be wonderful for you. No more disconnecting your service and reconnecting your service and being charged over and over and over again for these reconnecting requests. You simply unplug your digital box and take it with you into your new home and connect the internet and phone to your digital box. There you will have an instant dial tone.

I have talked about the PROs so let me talk about the CONs.

– Since the phone is connected to the internet if your internet service goes down so does your phone service.

– Also since it’s connected to the internet you sometimes get these auto dialer calls. It makes your phone ring and ring and ring.

So these are my CONs, but one particular VOIP Phone Service Provider they give you solutions to these 2 problems. If your internet service goes down you can call the Service Center and have them forward your call to another line. It can be forwarded even to your cell phone. For the ringing issue you simply have to check with your internet service to have them set up blockers against the auto dialer. This should really already be in place for you through a firewall on your route, but push comes to shove just unplugging the digital box and plugging it back in should fix the problem.


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