Wine Bar Furniture

In August 2009 we relocated as a family from England to Ridgefield in Connecticut. One of our families great pleasures especially at the weekend is to go out to a good restaurant for a meal and so one of our first tasks was to try all the restaurants in Ridgefield. Although we found that most of the food is of quite reasonable quality and value for money, the majority of eating establishments are providing the same food from a very limited menu of fried chicken, burgers and steak. This must be what some survey decided was what every American family wants. 호빠

Each member of our family have different tastes and we were looking for a restaurant in Ridgefield where we could enjoy a variety of food in a good atmosphere that made the event a special occasion. We have found this at Bernard’s Restaurant.

The food is excellently prepared and presented and the friendly staff make us feel special and very welcome. It is, of course, more expensive than the diners and steak houses that most people frequent – but if you are looking for an evening to remember in every visit then this is well worth the extra cost.

More than this though, is that sometimes we are just looking for somewhere to sit and drink with a smaller meal, to relax in the evening after a hard week at work. The upper floor at Bernards is Sarah’s Wine Bar. Here we have discovered a place where we can relax back with a large glass of Merlot and listen to gentle and soulful live music. We still have the benefit of the quality of the food from Bernard’s Restaurant as it is prepared by the same staff in the same kitchen.


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