3 Tips For Organizing Your Bedroom

Your bedroom is one of the important rooms in the house. It is a place for sleeping and intimacy and is a place which rejuvenate relationship, your body and mind. Finding clutter in your bedroom is worst that it being in any other room. It is a place where you really relax and if that place is cluttered and disorganized, it will actually create even more stress and pain. studio apartment east side manhattan

Listed below are 3 simple tips by which you can organize your bedroom immediately.


  1. Remove all the items which are not related to your to be in bedroom. This is what happens most of the time in a bedroom. Bedroom gets cluttered with items which are at all related to bedroom. Either it is kept there, because there is no other space in the house where the items can be kept, or because of the laziness you have kept it in the bedroom. These may be items like books, news papers, compact disks, laptops, coffee cups, medicines and what not. Try to remove these items from the bedroom, and let it be kept in the respective rooms or space where these need to be kept.
  2. Keep minimum items in the bedroom: The more the items in the bedroom the more cluttered it looks. May be you can built a closet or put some additional space closed space in the bedroom, but you should never let it open and visible. A bedroom should normally only have a bed, side tables, reading lamp, and closet and may be a small table and chair. Anything beyond that will look cluttered. However, it truly depends upon the individual, your requirements. But the suggestion is you need to keep only minimum number of items in the bedroom, it will not only be clutter free, but will also look neat and clean.
  3. Build some extra space: In order to keep your bedroom looks minimum cluttered, you can build some extra space. You can think of using the free space beneath the bed. You can build up some storage space under your bed. You can keep a small laundry basket to keep your laundry clothes inside it. You can either place them inside the closet or inside the bathroom too. Remember the lesser the items the more organized the bedroom looks, and it will result in lesser the clutter.


Bedroom is the room which needs to be much organized than any other room in the house. Continue to make a clutter free bedroom every day. Not only the above simple tasks, but certain tasks too need to be done on a routine like, making your bed, putting your clothes and accessories. By doing this you can actually keep your bedroom clean forever.


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