Range Hoods Fit For Your Kitchen

Over the years, having a gas range and oven has been the staple set-up in everybody’s kitchens. However, the option of keeping a safe and ecological environment has also been on the rise. With kitchen range hoods, safety is never a problem. Today, the range hood has evolved into a wider range of products, with many types and choices to suit your own kitchen.

Types of Range Hoods

– Wall Mounted Hoods – The most preferred among all the types of hoods, wall-mounted hoods, as suggested by their name, can maximize kitchen space. They make the oven the focal point of the room. These are fit both or either for traditional and/or more contemporary kitchens. copper range hoods 

– Island Range Hoods – This type of hoods are particularly designed for kitchens with island cook tops. These are more common in modern-style kitchens. Suspended from the ceiling, you can make your selection from a variety of island hoods such as stainless steel, tempered glass, powder coat finish, copper, and brass.

– Under cabinet Hoods – Do you have a small kitchen? Then under-cabinet hoods are your range covers of choice. They require minimal installation space. These babies are able contain smoke coming from stovetops easily. For the score on appearance, they may not look as fancy as the other hood types, but they could surely get the job done.

– Curved Canopy – In contrast to the other types of hoods, the curved feature of this range hood boasts of its highly stylish front. It goes beyond functionality and serves its second purpose as a kitchen decor. This range hood is best for kitchens with big spaces.

Making Your Choice

In selecting the range hood to install, practicality always comes as the first consideration. Check if you have appropriate space for the installation. It follows that if you do have the area to spare and a bigger budget, going for the more stylish range hoods is next best option.


Hoods come in different prices. An estimate cost would range from $300 to more than $1500.

Ordering Online

Many websites are now offering sale of hood stocks online. More choices are available, and more importantly, there are cheaper and more affordable selections on the web. Never forget to buy only from trusted sites and sellers, though. Check for availability of warranty guarantees. Take your time in choosing the perfect hood for you, don’t hurry, and pick the best out of the rest.

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