Men’s Fashion: How to Choose Stylish Jumpers

Men’s jumpers are a firm fixture within fashion circles, they always have been, and they are always likely to be. They form such a fundamental part of fashion that any man who wants to look good needs to know the basics of jumper fashions, which we will explain in the following paragraphs.

Jumpers are a fantastic addition to any man’s wardrobe; they suit all body types, and all occasions. Although, clearly, a particular jumper will not necessarily suit all men, nor all situations, but every man and every situation has an appropriate jumper – whether at work or at play, by the beach or in the mountain, short or tall, slim or large, there is a jumper for you.

There are several techniques involved in choosing the correct jumper for any situation, body type, and colouring. The correct jumper will look good, feel good, and exude style and confidence, and here is how to find that perfect jumper:

Starting with the basics, fit is the most important consideration when buying a new jumper. This may seem obvious, after all, we all know that jumpers should fit, if they do not, how are we suppose to wear them?

Well, it is not as simple as this, you must c hoose a jumper that complements your physique, and this is where the task becomes slightly complicated. COMFY LOUNGEWEAR! 

Generally, a jumper is of a suitable fit if there is a gap between the fabric and the skin of, roughly, 3mm-7mm and when worn creates no bunching or overstretching.

Tall Men with Long Legs
You should wear jumpers which finish just below the hips, and never wear a cropped or tapered (-one that comes in at the waist) jumper. This will give the impression that your torso and legs balance evenly, thus avoiding the ‘leggy’ look, which is often much hated by tall, slim, men.

Short Men
Choose men’s jumpers with a slight crop, or ones that finish just above the hips. This will create the impression that you are taller than you are.

Colours and Designs
Your body shape and other physical attributes should also inform the exact cut of the jumper.

Men with heavy jaw lines should wear crew neck jumpers, as these will reduce the impression other people have of the size of the chin. A v-neck, on the other hand, will highlight a heavy jaw line.

If you are short, a v-neck is preferable; the flesh revealed by the skin will create an impression that there is more to you than a crew-neck jumper would do. Conversely, men who are tall, and who wish to downplay their height should opt for a crew neck.

When choosing the colour of your jumper, you must make sure that it complements your skin tone. Very pale skins will suit bright, contrasting colours, and should never wear pastels, which will create a washed out appearance. Very dark skins are also able to wear bright colours, but they look great in pastels too. Olive skins look good in both bright shades and pastels, but should avoid yellow and green colours, as these will highlight the same colours in your skin.


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