Ways To Make Weekly Science Projects Part Of Your Routine

There are many things that you can incorporate into your weekly schedule such as sports practices, ballet classes, or even piano lessons. These are all great things for your kids in helping them find different interests. But another thing that you should try to do is to make science projects part of your weekly schedule. Making science part of your weekly schedule will not only help your child’s analytical skills, it will also give you one on one time with them. If you do not think that you have time in your already busy routine, here are 5 ways to make weekly science projects part of your routine.

The 1st way you can make weekly science projects part of your routine is to set a specific night. Pick any night of the week. Make sure to pick a night that you can set aside enough time that you can actually go over the science project that you are doing. Make sure that you do not rush the time that you spend doing science projects. Take time to explain what the science project does and everything that is involved. Taking the time and not being rushed will help your child feel like you are not to busy for them. Making sure to do science projects will help your child to see that science is something you are interested in. Make sure that you are interested in science projects. This will help your child want to be more involved too. You are your child’s greatest teacher. Your child looks up to you and will get more out of what you have to teach them than what anyone else teaches them.

The 2nd way you can make weekly science projects part of your routine is to pick a certain topic each week. Have an idea board hanging up where your child can write different ideas on what they would like to do a science project on each week. This will get your child excited about science projects. This will also make your child look forward to the time that you have set aside for doing science projects. http://topsealottawa.com/the-one-thing-to-do-for-science-project-board/

The 3rd way you can make weekly science projects part of your routine is to set aside a certain amount of time. Making sure that you have a certain amount of time will make it easier to want to take the time to set aside each week. Pick one or two hours out of your week to do science projects. This will be enough time that you can sit down with your child and spend time together, but also enough time that if you have other things that need to be done you can still get them done too.

The 4th way you can make weekly science projects part of your routine is to do science projects over dinner. Doing science projects over dinner will not only help you actually sit down for a family dinner once a week. It will also give you quality learning time with your family. This can be good because it will let you and your family be involved with the same thing. This will help you spark up conversations and have fun over dinner.

The 5th way you can make weekly science projects part of your routine is to do them like you would homework. Make them fun of course so your child won’t be bored out of their mind. But take the time to look through your child’s science text book and find something that you could do a science project on once a week that will go along with their lessons. As your child is doing their homework take the time afterwards to sit down and do a science project that goes a long with it.


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