Five Ways Social Media Marketing Can Earn You More Money

Social Media Marketing is THE way that most savvy marketers convey their message to an insatiable, hungry audience. If you’re not using social media marketing platforms like Google, LinkedIn, Facebook, YouTube, iTunes, Twitter or WordPress, your prospects have virtually no way of finding you on the Internet. And how long can you let THAT go on?

Social media marketing- one of the simpler ways to connect and become involved with your audience.

When you listen to your audience, acknowledge them and their participation in your business, you’ll find that they become more loyal and champions for your business. smm panel

Do you know that more than 95% of Internet users use online searches when they’re researching YOU? And 45 million Americans have cell phones with Internet capabilities. Facebook and Twitter have over 700 million members and they just keep on growing. Shouldn’t you be where these people are looking?

Ask yourself these questions:

Are you easy to find online? And not just by your name or company name. Can searchers find you by the keywords that best represent you and your business, service or product?

When your audience visits their favorite online places, will they find YOU? Or will they more likely find your competition?

Once they connect with you, do you already have a program in place which allows you to engage with them over and over again?

Do you have a plan to start using cell phone (mobile) marketing?

If the answer to any of these questions is “NO,” you’ve got to ask yourself “WHY NOT?” If you want to keep a viable business, marketing online is a must, because the majority of your competitors are, or will be shortly.

Here are five ways that social media marketing can help improve your relationship with clients and to turn them into big fans, because NOTHING is more powerful than a client coming through a referral.

1. Be Social

Remember, it’s called “SOCIAL MEDIA” for a reason. Never before in history has social media marketing made it so easy to communicate with your prospects, and clients, for such a tiny investment. You can, and should, communicate with them over and over again. That’s not to say you should email, text, or call them every day. You’ll find out soon enough what a good communication interval will be- believe me, your audience will tell you! The goal here is to become familiar to your prospects, because people buy from companies they know, like and trust.

An effective Facebook, Twitter, blogging, and email campaign will give you numerous opportunities to let your audience get to know you, begin to like you, learn to trust you, and develop an on-going beneficial relationship.

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